Monday, July 06, 2009

Day To Remember!

During lunch time i was bitching about work to my workmates and one of them suggested that i should record the unhappy moment working in this company, so that if the same thing happen again i can recall it and help me to move on with new job!!! so i am blogging again.

This stupid "u didn't mention in specification" game never end ..project after project..i m getting so sick of it. frank on every project we change to accomodate your demand, but you are very demanding and thing you demand keep on changing.

Usual statement the team receives are "This is not in the specification.", "This scenario you didn't handle", "This is not mention so i didn't do it..i do what the spec said only" Goodness, do you think i am god that i know everything and think of all the possible and impossible scenarios? forgot to mention the timeline given. Do u think i don't make mistake and you don't make mistake either?? the issue is me created it purposely issit? I wondering what the uni or college teach u to develop program based on specification and not thinking whether it is right or wrong a way not able to think.

Well, not mentioning it at the begining stage before spec was published could be my fault of not doing my job well, but i give you times to go thru it and to see if there is something miss out..yet received nothing...nothing until when u actuall code it or not until a defect found and you start complaining to us that ..this n that is not mention / not handle/ now what should i do? Oh i almost forgot the classic thing we may ended up to cope with was i need to change my spec in order to fit in what you have coded/what you assume you think was correct!! Harlo, please do not assume it, pls seek for confirmation ..pls ask if you are not sure...No body will judge on you if you ask any question. The more questions the merrier!!! not the more blame the merrier.
When there are issues, pls dun blame but to work together to seek for solution, blaming will ended up with more unhappy people and not solution. This will not help you for more time..the clock is still clicking!!! End this please. Oh forgot to mention something new happend on this project. We all went for discussion to solve a problem, then developers go ahead with the fixes then spec is changed based on what have been discussed...and now when a defect logged, developer can to said " how come this scneario u didn't handle and not mentioning in anywhere of this spec?" oh..i noticed another thing too!! which is when they code they don't like to read spec but when defect raised they look for fault in spec...great rite? can u imagine how much i love my job now?

About my boss something he said on meeting has caused people envy me and they think it is unfair to them. what abt it? Do you ever heard of when a boss praised an employee and it will ended up with people not happy with the employee? must be the employee know how to gosok rite, well no...employee didn't gosok ..just that the boss think that responsibility/accountability should be share among the team, not when issue raised someone has to hold it yet the entire team is accountable to it. What are the thing the boss should not said in front of everybody:

1- As a xxx professional you shouldn't make this mistake..oh mr. so and so i am not talking about you, i think you are doing it well. (not happy team member, didn't and so make mistake too? y when the person make mistake she/he don't get warn by the boss? see unhappy team members)
2- Why is this happening? Did you ever to question yourself that requirements gathered is not sufficient that causes this? Please don't blame on Mr. So and so, cause he/she definately feel bad now. I would like the team know this is the team responsible and manager should accounted to it. (more unhappy team members, cause she/he should do her job well, otherwise won't get scold by the boss)

Oh...after all the unhappy moment and assigned defect to me, how do i settle it? I was struggle however lucky i still have someone on my side to help me went thru all the issues. I called for a meeting with functional members and of coz the heart of the project...the project manager to discussed the issues and get answer rite away. Now they can't blame coz they attended the meeting and agreed with it...yoh...most word i used on the meeting was "It was discussed together and this was the solution earlier"," this is invalid scenario", "This has huge impact", "we gonna get it done by end of this week"..hahhahahaah!!!!!bad bad day!!

Monday, May 12, 2008


What is new in life? Definately is the UPGRADE...i hv upgraded myself became a mother of lovely Oscar and my weight has upgraded too, from S to L now!! oh..can skip size M.ummpp..not tat bad huh!..OMG when am i gonna get back my pregnancy shape?? some said 6 mths to a year, wat the !!! I can't wait tat long but i can't go on diet as i am breast feeding, i need to have enuff for my little one, i can't and am not going to slimming centre as i had a c-section, can't do it so soon plus i dun feel like spending thousands on it....only option left is work out at but its take times too! Btw some friends and relative told me not to worries of my body shape coz if i'm planning for another baby i should go for it now then oni keep ur body slim later. Sound like a good planning but dun feel like wanna get myself pregnant so soon!! get pregnant is easy, deliver baby also easy but taking care of baby is very difficult. ( if you think working for ur boss is difficult well..wait untill you workur baby then u know)

Anyway, i am considered very lucky coz i have a very good husband that can and willing to take care of Oscar, well..come to taking care of baby..he is much better than i do. I dun feel ashame but proud of it. My husband can do it and he is good at it !!! Besides, it is good to have mother in law to stay with me during these period, she is not only taking care of the baby but also help me thru during confinment periods, eventhough there are many rules to follow but i only followed those tat is acceptable and make sense to me, of coz couldn't run away with some domestic issues that happened btw us..well this wasn't a big deal coz the most important is my baby is well!

My mum asked me a very good question, Do u now know how's mother feel? My answer to it, is Yes. Prior to become a mother, i tot i know how's mother feel and i was wrong, until now i only can understand it. So..mum you are the best! Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


My lifestyle is switching all of sudden just for you. Never thought of i will give up everything in life just for you but now you are my everything. Even have to go thru the pain everyday but i am willing to do so, if you are not making me feel sick on the day i am worrying. I worry you won't have enough nutrition, i worr you are not comfortable inside me, i am extremely worry that you are giving up on me and your daddy.

I have been to the hospital for numurous times, just to make sure you are alright. I know i could be over reacted but tell me which mummy doesn't? especially know that you are not so stable. Just to be strong for another few more months then we all will be joyful. Both of your grandparents are expecting you and worrying about you, there are making sure that you have more than enough nutrient and make sure mummy have enough rest so that you can growth safely. Most of your mummy friends sending their regards and pray for you and mummy. See...everyone is loving you, there are care about you so much. Make sure you give them a big smiling face when you are here with us. Never the less, your daddy...he is talking to you everynight eventhough just a few mins from now but he cares. He is taking good care of you and mummy, when mummy or perhaps you feel like having caesar salad, yes he took us there, when we feel like instant noodles, yes he mades us maggi mee with sausages and egg..yummm...even not so healthy. He does laundry for mummy and cleaning up the room, driving mummy to work and make sure mommy don't take chilis and most of time controlling my consumption just because he cares of you. No chilis no spice kid. Nice dad huh!! so don't give up!!

Not sure if i am making a good choice or a bad one for you. I am planning to deliver you outside the country, i wanna give you a better environment and better future. To be silly, I actually have thought about human right, you should have you own right to choose you own citizenship but think about it none of us have when we are a baby, not until you are independent. So i set for you for the best..A lot of people is against my decision due to your stability and worrying that no one will taking care of us when you are born, however it is about planning whether you wanna make it happen or not. What i need is support, this is really what i want and i am determine. If someone trying to stop me from this, i think the relationship and future will be urgly which is not what i want. I have be dreaming that i will see my kid growth up here with the family and friends, and when the kid growth older then we are aboard and i will be there cooking and taking good care of them untill they need me no more. This is what i see now, of coz i know that thing can be changed due to certain circumstances but everyone have their own right to have dream and making it come true.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

What is this career thing all about? Is that only a job that you are working for a company? or salaries that every month bank into your account? or holding a high ranking position in a multinational company? or perhaps its should be something you like to do or get whatever you want at the end? .......
Well...i don't have career but i have a job. How's that sound huh? A job that i guess i like it but i have moved from company to company in average every 1 year plus i move on. Sound and look bad on my profile but every job i jumped to i learn something and of coz salary get higher for little. What do i get besides a bit of pay rise? i earn friendship and i learn to do the job better.
The 3 companies that i have been jumping around have different cultures and have their good and bad things.
I joined company ABC after graduated from E-commerce, didn't know why the company hired me as Business Analyst, i should have ask HIM coz he hired me. I thought great, i got a job and something different. The people in company ABC are nice and friendly people when i first joined however it was very difficult for me to catch up with work because it was so new to me. Some programming work, some configuration work on 41 spreadsheet, some software design, some erd, some process flow and lots of documentation. During the 1st 6 months i wasn't happy with the job but the people are fantastic, i got lot of help from them especially THEM is being very patient to me for not understand the entire configuration. 3 months after working for the co, i had an offered from another company doing e-business work, should be good opportunity for me but i stayed on. I cann't remember why i didn't taking up the offered. Well..after a while about 9 mths to a year later, the management changed but i am picking up with works and gain some confidence and during that time some of my workmates (now become my best friends and hubby) left the company. The company become urgly and many people are started looking out, at the meantimes, i started blogging and hanging around with them. The times was great, we went out for tea break, we called it "jam"..joking around and wait till 6pm to go home. The moment didn't last long for me, i started to get demotivated and know that i should move on like others. So after working here for 1 year 6 mths i left to company DEF.
On my first day with DEF, i was taking to a project requirement gathering..ohhhh..hang on buddy...i am not quite sure i am actually ready for this big thing however i went and put myself into it. I found that the project worth a million. During the beginning i didn't have much idea what were they talking about on all these banking and financial things. Be frank, i hate banking and finance. I should have know this the moment i have signed the contract but all i care was get out from ABC to start over again. However, i kept telling myself, you have been thru the hard time with ABC remember? you can do it, just need more time and accept it!! Well..the client is demanding and lucky that i have an experience senior to guide me along the way. Something happened after this project, the boss assigned me to R&D team to help on the new product development. I don't know a thing in this new product, and the team leader on this product is going to Austria in a week time, what should i do? Well, the boss has planned out that i should help the subject matter expert to design the product while the team leader and another BA was in Austria, besides i have a team of developers here for help. The team leader only managed to gave me walk thru on the product we are supposed to continue developing..ummppp..this kinda shit again huh!!! from ABC i was in R&D, i just got a bit of fun with client and now i am back with R&D. Funny enough, i didn't reject the boss of assigning me to R&D team. Here, i started all over again and i might get a chance to travel for work.. i thought. My travelling thought never come to real except that was one time my boss have no choice to send me to Indonesia with the developer lead to do some demos. That was good experince but tiring. Not long after back from Indonesia, the opportunity that i have waited for my boss is sending me back to the client. It was a bit of mess when i was back on side. Some experience developers left the company and a BA who knows the Islamic project left too. Now i am in the middle of UAT stage for this project that i never know who are the users and what are the pending issues. My manager are pretty suck coz she never with the team whenever the team needed her. Everytime when there is a roll out, we found her disappeared. Well...the senior BA who thought me well on my first day was in maternity leaves, leaving me and a new what is the show??? My job is to continue with the UAT and get sign off is my main objectives and the new BA have to gather requirements for some system enhancements. Basically the team is too busy with everything. On the developer side, we only have 3 developers that can dependent on. However, after the UAT sign off, one of the developer left the company but another 2 new so call experience developers joined in. Still safe i thought...however..this is when the nightmare began. The 2 new developers are pretty good in bullshitting and all they did were patching data which didn't get the problem solve...mmmppp..really no good...we have got tons of complaints from client, and manager still not appearing to protect us. The company and boss losing his trust from client and event the staffs were frustrated. I was by my own on one very interesting project with 1 developer helping me out however untill today our work didn't get published. I was disappointed. During the beginning of this year..something happened to me and my family, i was trying to focus on my job but i only can concerntrate 70% of my 8 hrs job in a day. However, i really learn a lot from here. It is worth to give in.
My third opportunity came begining of this year during the worst moment of my life, i guess it is a turning point. I never work for a multinational company and i have got an offer from them, the job given me a good pay rise and i know that money is important to me at this time. I need them. Well..the worst thing is...i am going into freaking R&D again...i know that i am enjoying dealing with clients but because of joining a multinational company is something i must try and it could ..maybe giving me a transfer in Aus, worth to try i believed.
I have been joining them a few months now, i am experiencing another kind of suck team lead. Even though he is suck but i have no way to challenge his experiences and his knowledge in accounting. I am still dependent on him to hold the responsibility that he made...why i dislike him so much??? well..basically i think he has too much of ego in him, he think that he is the best and smartest person in the team, no doubt he is the team leader and the worst is he think he can do good presentation compare to us and he still think that his way of documentation are the best that people can accept it. What i think of his presentation? ummpp...i saw the functional manager felt's tat huh? how's documentation? I found that the developers don't really appreciate it. doesn't mean that i am good either but i am still trying to break something here. As i know i can't really learn much or get much out from here but how do i break it in order to make sure my stay in here is worth something? As least something to help me to be better and not stopping me to improve myself.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

One of this morning while i was sitting on my daunting work desk trying to get my piece of specification done, i have received a bad news from my friend in UK. Her dad passed away in the early morning and she wished i could visit her family members later at night. It was a bad surprised and i was sad. Not that i am close to her dad and know the family well..just that someone has gone in a sudden and my friend couldn't make it home to pay her last respect and to be around with the family members.

Later at night, i received another message, a friend of mine gave birth to a baby boy...mmmpp...good news huh!!! yup...very good news but i think it is telling me something. We all should know there are people dying in the globe everyday and new life coming to the world that make the world balance, not over populated. Well..this is a fact no one can change it.

However what i can do is to spend more time with the one i think they deserve. I found out that i have lesser time for myself. As what i used to do before married was i could have spend the whole day either watching dvds or doing some reading, or hanging out with friends, dancing in the studio and etc. However, after a few months of married..i realised i don't have these luxury moments anymore cause i want to spend more time with my parents, my grandma who is 82 i guees, my newphews and of coz my husband. Definately, my friends are seeing me less but they haven't complaint about it..ummpp..maybe they do just that i never know. Of coz... i am trying my best to hang out with my friends again but i am learning to plan my times...which i am not a good planner and i am an emotional person. I do thing whenever and whatever i feel like it.

Too bad for my husband, he has an emotional wife.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Believe it or not...i hv forgotten my username n password on this blog..oh well..tat is not a good excuse, however it is true.

Am i the only person being disturbed by news on robberies, rape or both rape and robbery cases surrounding us. At nite, before i am setting off to bed i am worrying that robbers dropping from the ceiling, or gate crashing holding with weapons. During the day while i am walking alone i am worrying that robbers might come in motorbike and grab my bag and hurt me. Family and friends keep on advising us not to go out so late at nite, stay at home is better...however nowadays stay at home also not so safe lah. I think i am getting kiasi oledi...

Friday, June 02, 2006

Something you might not notice

Have you ever heard the parent said that ' my kids nv growth up, they look the same from the day they 1st came to this world". first i don't understand what does it mean..definately we have growth older and i have a birthday, every year the b'day reminds me that i m old!!! But now, i feel the same, not that i have a kid or anything. I never know that my parent hv growth older too!!!! since the day i recognised them as my parent, i think both of them look the same as 20 years ago..however i am only aware that my parent really dad is a senior citizen now.

This day, i dropped my dad in front of the clinic then i went to park my car. When i walked in to the clinic, i couldn't find him n he is not at the waiting area. So i asked the receptionist, "Did you see the patient name Yap Loy?" The receptionist gave me a weired look that she didn't know who is that. But asked me this " Is that the old man who just walked in??" To my surprise, she called my dad the old man. From then i realised that my dad has become an old man, he is not the strong man that i know..and i started to notices that his hair has growth grey , walked slowly and eat very little.

Don't get me wrong..this is not a father's day write up..but perhaps you should spend more time at home.